Gyulla Saver

Gyulla Saver

Gyulla, at the age of thirty three thousand six hundred ninety one days, has departed his beloved family and friends…His way…full of peace courage and grace. Gone to whereabouts unknown

Behind him now the fight and the weary, broken, coal and metal mines wrecked body. Ahead the freedom of his soul

Not for him the common path, nor the common view

Watch closely, perhaps you will see him

… In the rebel; in the worker treated unkind; in the compassionate heart and the warm outstretched hand

… Dancing the polka, a shatees, a czardas, an old time waltz or the kolymyka, joy and beauty on his mind

…. In the task masterfully performed, in the game superbly played. Dexterously vanquishing yet another friendly foe between post and hole in a jibe filled war of crokinole

… In the garden, well tended, near the beauty of azaleas, rhododendrons, giant allium, brilliant crocosmia, mysterious fall crocus and abundant irises, listening to the hum of bees and song of birds

… Minding a rather large copper kettle patiently distilling a barrel of fruit mash into a blue flamed elixir to toast the divine under a starry sky

… Fishing in the headwaters of the Cardinal or the East Fork of the St Mary or atop Mt Cheviot sharing a windblown shrub with a golden eagle or hiking a mountain path unexplored or glued to a steep ridge filling up his huckleberry pail

… In the tale well told of mining, climbing, monumental strength or athleticism, poaching, Hussars, Cossacks, UFOs, Sasquatch or of wisdom and wise men thousands of years old or a hundred other things

… Throwing out a provocative word, an intricate curse or a ribald ditty with a twinkle in his eye

… Doing a hundred squats or his thousandth neck roll of the day

… In quiet peaceful solitude reading quietly deep into the night or as the vibrant, flamboyant centre of the party

Look for him in your memory and your heart or imagine him curiously exploring mysteries at the edges of the universe

travelling faster than the speed of light

Look for him roaming in the still depths of night when all else is hidden from view or under the blazing sun catching a ray or two

See him playfully dancing with the profane, the sublime and the profound, seeking paradoxes that confound

Sense him in the undefinable and the delightfully eccentric or the unstoppable will

Know him in the non-compliant; in disdain for convention, conformity and overbearing authority

Know him as that being that touched your life in subtle and outrageous ways you will remember and ponder for the rest of your days

Remember him in Auld Lang Syne

The torch has been passed

He has departed, reached out his hand to

another realm

Whereabouts unknown

Yet, strangely, he is right there beside you holding your hand, smiling with a twinkle in his eyes. As long as there is memory, neither he nor you is alone.

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