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Editorial: Chicken dancing days in Kimberley

On Saturday, Oct. 5, Kimberley was a good place to be doing the chicken dance in the Platzl.

On Saturday, October 5, Kimberley was a good place to be doing the chicken dance in the Platzl. Or putting on a costume and marching in the children's parade. Or maybe donning the lederhosen or a dirndl and getting into the Oktoberfest spirit.

It was the last First Saturday of the season in the Platzl on Saturday, and what a great day! We even got a little sunshine in addition to live music and great food and drink. The Platzl was crowded with people — so very nice to see.

So it's time for a big cheer for those who decided to try a little something different this year, to get a little something happening in the Platzl on select Saturdays. It was a concept that required buy-in from a lot of different groups and right from the get-go last May, a lot of different organizations were a part of it. Led by the Kimberley Arts Council, Tourism Kimberley and the City's Economic Development department, along with groups like the Kimberley Mining Railway, the Kimberley Dynamiters, the Steppin' Out Dancers, the Bavarian Barbarian roller derby team, Platzl merchants, artisans and so many more, First Saturdays brought a much needed boost to Kimberley's downtown.

It was so nice to see the smiles on Saturday, to see Kimberley's citizens from eight months to 80 dancing in the Platzl. This is a concept that needs to continue.

This year some funding from CBT's Community Initiatives fund was available to help with First Saturdays. Next year, those funds won't be available. But First Saturdays need to go on. Partnerships need to be found to make it possible.

Because everyone in Kimberley needs a chance to do the chicken dance once in a while.