Letters: All of us have a responsibility to keep ourselves as healthy as possible

When I retired, I considered emigrating from Canada to seek an environment where the cost of living was less expensive. Aside from my pride in being Canadian, a primary deterrent which convinced me to stay was the wonderful health care available to us all. Indeed, I have come to view our health care system as one of the fundamental characteristics which defines us as Canadians. All of us pay a little more in taxes, because we care about our neighbours and want good health care to be available for everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

As such, I also consider that all of us have a responsibility to keep ourselves as healthy as possible in order to avoid putting unnecessary stress on our health system.

There is no doubt that refusing to be vaccinated against the covid 19 virus places unvaccinated persons in a far more vulnerable position. They are, unnecessarily, placing themselves at risk of being hospitalized and I, for one, resent being expected to pay for their negligence.

Consequently, I am requesting that our government agencies exert maximum pressure on individuals who choose to remain unvaccinated; to coerce them to change their minds and get vaccinated. Barring them from attendance at sporting events, cultural events, bars, night clubs if they can’t produce covid passports is a good start. Please don’t reward them for their carelessness and abuse of the system with financial or any other kind of incentives.

Jim Sirrs


Dear Editor,

I am member of the quiet majority in Canada. We work, pay our taxes, and participate in our communities. We are the employed who keep all the businesses open, the ones who shop and support these same businesses and are the volunteers who support all the non proffit organizations.

All the doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, chiropractors. paramedics and all their support staff have been working above and beyond to keep all of us healthy. I applaud them.

Thank them for being there for everyone during this pandemic. No one knew what we were getting into a year and a half ago. They have endured and keep on enduring although there is no real end in sight.

We are still learning and leaning on these very special men and women!

I do hope that they, the people at the core of every community understand that we do value them. We just do not often enough let them know.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Shame on those who have been harrassing and undermining the quality of our communities. We are all living in a very difficult time.

Ilene Lowing

” A little kindness, a little thought for others, makes all the difference.” Eeyore