Letter: Gaming license

Letter: Gaming license

Dear Minister Eby:

I am writing you regarding a recent decision by BCLC to deny a licence renewal application to a local charity group here in Kimberley. The FOCUS volunteers have raised thousands of dollars over the last several years running a weekly meat draw. All funds raised were duly reported to BCLC and Class D licences were applied for and re-issued. At no time was the group notified of any problem regarding exceeding their licence limit. Cheques were issued by FOCUS to local community support groups including, but not limited to the local Food Bank, Hospices, Senior programs, Medical Loan Cupboard, Kids Breakfast programs and Veterans Support.

On October 24th, 2019 the group received notice that they had exceeded sales limits by $9,943 since Jan 2018. This came as a complete shock as they had been informed in 2017 that their annual limit was $20,000. The same communication advised that their application for Oct-Jan 2020 was being withdrawn. Essentially this closed down the weekly meat draw, which is a popular and well attended event here.

The net result of this unfair and arbitrary ruling is that everyone here is very angry at BCLC, especially in view of millions of dollars still laundered openly in casinos throughout the province. Of course this money flow goes to purchase luxury homes and automobiles in Vancouver and Victoria while here in the hinterland your inconsistent and inefficient enforcement is literally taking breakfast from hungry kids. Nice work.

Sincerely, Bruce Irwin, Karen Wagar – Kimberley BC