Letter: Ice Ice Baby

Letter: Ice Ice Baby

I have travelled around these parts for over 60 years and have never been so disappointed at the highway conditions between Cranbrook and Kimberley. Highway 95A has been neglected big time.It’s hard enough to dodge and deal with the elk and deer crossing in front of you, never mind the icy conditions.

Lately, you could paint a red line and two blue lines, put on ice skates and skate to Cranbrook from Kimberley.

I don’t know why the RCMP, BC Ambulance and ICBC don’t complain about the condition of the icy road. I thought we are to keep motorists safe.

What is the accident count on this highway?

Is there any reason very little sand is put on the highway? Every time I see a Mainroad truck, yes there is sand in it, but they don’t drop much. It probably goes back to the yard full.

Since the gravel yard was closed in Meadowbrook and decommissioned, the roads have been shameful. Ice on highways is better between Cranbrook and Wycliffe prairie, but from north of Wycliffe prairie to Kimberley and through the city, including ‘Blarchmont Hill’, it is very icy, no sand.

The local radio says they are sanding. I would like to know where? Get with it Mainroad. Oh, by the way, I read the article in the paper on Jan. 4, 2022, ‘applying abrasive materials’. Where?

B.A. Crowe