LETTER: Thanks for the community gardens

I would like to thank the mayor and council for having the great foresight to approve the two community gardens which were applied for. I certainly hope it is the first of many. If COVID has taught us anything it’s the importance of doing whatever we can to feed and clothes ourselves, and this approval is a great first step.

I live on the 800 block of Rotary Drive and I have watched the Wildsight garden develop over the past few years. Like many of you I was concerned about living across the street from dirty old freezers and an unkept lot. However, that never happened. When i first aired my concern Wildsight responded quickly and put my mind at ease. The group have done an excellent job in developing an area of beauty and the ability to grow a myriad of vegetables. They have also held many workshops to teach those interested in good growing practices.

In my opinion The Wildsight Garden and the Kimberley Edible Garden are indications of what small communities can do to support themselves. I would love to see every community in Kimberley install edible gardens. Think of the possibilities…less purchasing of high priced vegetables, the development of a community project that brings people together for a common cause, and most importantly, provided fresh vegetables and herbs for you and your neighbours, to name the obvious. I certainly don’t see a down side!

Now…if only we could find the right kind of paint to complete our gay pride crosswalk!


Allan Sayegh