Letter to the Editor April 6, 2016

April 6, 2016-6:00 PM-Special Flat Tax Public Meeting

As a concerned citizen I attended this meeting hoping to see an entirely different outcome than the one that resulted.

I watched, in disbelief, as the four councilors showed nothing but contempt for the process and their fellow councilors (who voted against the flat tax) – and ignored the Mayor’s plea for caution. They adamantly refused even a short delay of the proposal so that city staff could investigate it further.

It is hard to tell if this was ignorance of the way things should be done, or arrogance that it could be railroaded through, right or wrong.  I think the citizens of Kimberley deserve to have this matter thoroughly investigated and the decision to eliminate the flat tax should be based on a sound financial basis rather than the ones put forward by these Councilors.  When the balance of the Council stated they could not in good conscience vote for their motion I would have thought the four would have enough common sense to delay this until it was proven it was in the best interest of the Citizens of Kimberley who deserve much better than this.

If you agree a phone call to City Hall prior to the Council meeting on April 11th would be a good place to let your feelings be known.


Yours truly,


S. Fletcher

Kimberley B.C.