Letters: Searching for family; trapping

Letters: Searching for family; trapping

Search for family

My name is Rod Moss, I live in Melbourne Australia and I am following up the where-abouts of a Moss family member, Mr Ernest Moss who was an editor of the Kimberley News.

Our records indicate that Ernest died on 24th August 1953 and had a son Arthur, a printer of the Vernon News and a Grandson Colin, I do not have any contact detail for these people.

I would appreciate it, that if possible, you could you request any applicable family member to contact me.

Yours Sincerely Rod Moss

e-mail: rodmoss@outlook.com

(M) 0419 590 393

The taxpayers in the Kootenays are trying to help the Fish and Wildlife of B.C. comply with thier new trapping law. Hopefully the wolverines will heed the warning.

Ken Hall Kimberley