Letters to the Editor: April 22

The old fire hall: City should not sell heritage buildings

Don’t sell heritage

I am a lifelong Kootenay resident, and have lived in Cranbrook since 1976. I do not belong to the Arts Council, and really don’t care whether they end up in the old fire hall or not. But I do think it would be short-sighted if the City were to sell the old fire hall.

Cranbrook has not been kind to its heritage buildings; this one the City can control. If it were sold, the amount it would fetch would be only a small addition to the City’s budget, and for only one year. It would be preferable for the City to retain control of the building, and find a suitable occupant who would not harm the structure or its reputation.

It is important that the City take steps to ensure that it remains controllable by the City in the long-term, so at least the possibility of an art gallery or other public use in the future remains. But, please, don’t consider this as a contest between arts council and effective city management. It is really just this simple” Should heritage public property remain public, so far as possible, or not?

And why not host an open house, perhaps on a market Saturday, so we can all have a look inside the building?

Don Carlgren/Cranbrook