Letters to the Editor: February 22

Kimberley Dynamiters have earned our support; Phobias are real, if not always rational

Kimberley Dynamiters have earned our support

After an incredible 2015/16 season that saw the Kimberley Dynamiters again make it into the finals of the Cyclone Taylor Cup, the departure of many of their senior players and the retirement of Gerry Bancks as head coach had many wondering what kind of team the Nitros would field for the 2016/17 season.

Derek Stuart stepped into the role of Head Coach, pulled his veterans together, added 10 rookies, including both goalies, and the results have been incredible. For the whole season, the Nitros have sat at or near the top of the board and finished the season with a decisive win over the Beaver Valley Nitehawks.

Now they start the playoffs this Friday February 24th and Saturday February 25th at home against the Fernie Ghostriders at 7pm at the Civic Centre.

The Dynamiters are a proud part of Kimberley’s history and continue to be a strong community partner. If you are looking to take in some amazing playoff action in the east Kootenay region, Kimberley is where you are going to find it.

Larry Armstrong

Proud Supporter and Long-term Volunteer Goal Judge



So, the Liberal’s motion M-103 is going to make it a crime to have a phobia involving Islam.

Whether a phobia is rational or not is beside the point; phobias are real. For example, most snakes cannot do harm to a human being, yet people have very real phobias toward snakes. If we make this a crime, will the phobia disappear?

People have phobia toward Muslims because when terrorists attack, they do so under the name of their religion or their god. Most of the fear is not rational because most Muslims are not going to be involved in terrorist activities. But there is some rational fear there as well, because we have seen over and over how Westerners, and Christians in particular, are targets of Muslim terrorists. Criminalizing the person harboring fear is not gong to0 take the fear away.

Making separate laws meant to protect lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, people questioning, women, natives, Muslims, or any other segment of our society serves only to divide us.

Let’s put a stop to this hysterical phobia about any special group being left out. We should all be protected equally by one law for all.

Fred Dewald