Letters to the Editor: July 16

City Council and Idlewild activities; Kootenay Ice and their fans

Idlewild Activities

Major kudos to the “Group of Seven” for accomplishing the removal of Cranbrook’s “corner of death” (11th Ave and 2nd Street South), by lowering the lovely, but accursed brick wall that obstructed the view for drivers heading west on 2nd Street.  Additional kudos are also in order for “going secular”, by eliminating that invocation before council meetings, where negative vibes have flourished at times.

Not-so-major kudos for the activities at Idlewild pond.  The tattered orange fence flapping in the breeze and the exposed garbage cans, tires and other debris emerging from the depth reminds one of a war zone and has lowered the overall appeal of the area, as evidenced by the lack of visitors.  One day ambitious engineering siphoning efforts lower the water level substantially, and the next day the water level is higher than before these activities, apparently carried on for practice.

It still seems to be an “in-camera” (really off-camera) secret as to what might happen next.  The scary Dam breach Inundation Study offered some options, including increasing the downstream mass of the dam and widening the outflow channel, but we have heard little of that, except that the park, dam and pond may be fixed in years to come.  My theory is that in order to ward off the threat of non-compliance by the regional Dam Safety Officer, the necessary response was to eliminate the lake until such time as funds were found for the improvements.  We want all funds directed to re-paving streets, even those that are not so bad, and to Hell with the sensitive mini-ecosystem of the pond.  I assume that all efforts and budget by the City are now focussed on paving our streets and reducing business for the Tire and Auto Repair shops in the area.  After all, that’s what we voted for.  The ducks, turtles, sandpipers, garter snakes, etc., including those in the marsh just east of the lake, had no vote on this issue.  Their lives are rapidly being altered or ended because of our fear of the non-existent “fres-shit”.

If only some rich dude would buy that fire hall for $2 million, we could fix the dam, otherwise it will require not fixing a few blocks of streets, and we will not go for that.

On the other hand, a nicely refurbished dam could make a nice photo-op for those who can remedy the situation.

Jack Loeppky/Cranbrook

Kootenay Ice and fans

My wife and I have been season ticket holders in support of the Kootenay Ice for the last 17 years. We have attended every regular season game and every playoff game in that time. We have also attended every Memorial Cup tournament in the last 15 years. We simply love this game.

To all long standing devoted fans of the Kootenay Ice — You are the best! As far as I’m concerned you are the most passionate, the most supportive and most committed fans in the WHL. Hockey-wise, you and I have watched the most successful and competitive team in the WHL in the last 17 years.

My support for this team has always been about supporting the players. It is an honor and a privilege to support and to have supported all the fine young players that have worked so hard on the ice for all of us fans and our community over all these years.

I think in a small community and in turn a small market team like the Ice, it is important that both team ownership and the fan base work together to produce solid support for it. Over the years an example of this is Champions Of The Ice and the Green Bay Comity — they have worked tirelessly and made serious and honorable contributions in helping to make this team a viable entity to stay in Cranbrook. They showed what can be done to create support.

It can be agreed that the Ice organization has provided great on ice product, but have done a very poor job of reaching out and bonding with our fan base here in Cranbrook and the surrounding area. My feeling is there has always been room for improvement on this issue.

This starts or maybe ends with us — the fans. We must reconnect and reaffirm our support in a big way. The time for excuses and finger pointing are now over; we need to show this is where this team belongs. The realization is this is a very special part of our community.

Unfortunately I agree with Ron Robison this team needs and deserves better fan support.

We have a hard core group of fans that love this team and to those fans for your unwavering support over the last 17 years I say, keep that support coming and you have always been and always will be the best fans in the WHL!

James LeClair/Cranbrook