Letters to the Editor: May 12

Westpoint Capital investing in River's Crossing, not the City

City/River’s Crossing

In response to Mr. Pearce’s letter to the editor in the Townsman on Monday May 11 (City/River’s Crossing), I need to make two points.  First — River’s Crossing (the former Shadow Mountain development) is in the City’s boundaries and has been since 2007 following approval by the Province.

The second point is that Westpoint Capital which owns River’s Crossing is investing the $2.5 million dollars into the development’s sewer system not the taxpayers of the City of Cranbrook.  Under both provincial legislation and City bylaws the development is required to have an adequate way to dispose of their sewage and connecting to the City’s system will meet those requirements.

The $500,000 River’s Crossing is investing in marketing their development will also promote Cranbrook and the surrounding area which will be very positive.

Lee Pratt

Mayor. City of Cranbrook