Letters to the Editor: May 22

Thanks to the angels; Cranbrook City Council priorities.

Thanks to the angels

On May 5 I had a vehicle accident on Highway 95A.

I would like to sincerely thank two angels that took the time out of their day to help me. I do not know their names but one angel was a very kind gentleman who was the first on the scene and helped me get out of my vehicle, went back in it to find my wallet and got his first aid kit to help with my bleeding broken nose. The second angel was a wonderful caring lady who called the ambulance, stayed by my side and spoke to me in a calm voice to comfort me while we waited for the ambulance.

I would also like to thank the paramedic who was off duty that stopped and stayed until the ambulance arrived, the other concerned people that stopped to see if I needed any help, Bruce Smith from Alpine Toyota who contacted me the day of the accident to see how I was and has since given me a new vehicle free of charge to use until I get a new one, and Gardner Fraser of Melody Motors who was sincerely concerned and offered to help me in any way that he could.

I am truly grateful for these amazing people. The kindness that they have in their souls truly shines for everyone to see.

Pam Power/Kimberley

Council priorities

When I voted in the last civic election, I did so on the basis that the elected individuals would take care of city business first and foremost. By city business I mean matters such as water, sewer, roads, culture and recreation.

It appears that some councillors feel that their role should be expanded to include provincial and federal issues. They seem to be using their position on council to spend their time advocating for concerns that are beyond their jurisdiction.

There is no doubt that child care and home mail delivery are important issues, but that is not what I feel is the role of city council.

Perhaps the councillors with strong feelings on issues such as these should run for provincial or federal office. Then we could have councillors who put items such as infrastructure first.

G. Neil Sinclair/Cranbrook