Letters to the Editor: Nov. 24

Re-registering to vote; Cranbrook cannon; Thanks for the votes, and good luck.

Re-registering to vote

Your article “Official results released” from the 20 November edition (page 5) reads, “Out of the electors who voted, 344 were newly registered.” There were, however, some problems with the voting list come election day.

I have been a permanent resident of Cranbrook since December, 2002, and have voted in municipal elections since then. The day following the candidates’ debate earlier this month, I visited City Hall to confirm that my name was on the voting list, and it was in fact there — I even saw it myself. However, on voting day, my name no longer appeared on the list, and it was requested that I be registered to vote. Personnel at the registration table confirmed that many people had also experienced the same problem.

I did not look at it as such a critical problem because I have all the time in the world, but too many people like to live their lives “in the fast lane” and could be discouraged to cast their votes in future elections.

I therefore recommend to the proper authorities that greater attention to detail be implemented in order to prevent such problems from happening in the future, for the sake of democracy.

Andre Leblanc/Cranbrook

Cranbrook cannon

Firstly, let me say how much I enjoy the weekly appearance of the Janus Then & Now in the Townsman. It is a highlight for me weekly.

The article in Nov. 14th’s edition on our field pieces (cannon) from World War 1 was well done and interesting, but I think it is worthwhile to point out an unintentional oversight. The article states this field piece is sitting in a local hotel parking lot, which is correct, but it is worth noting, that the reason it is there, is that it is the entrance to our Royal Canadian Legion Branch #24. We are the proud owners of this excellent piece of our military history and as a reminder of the horrible price paid by our forefathers. It is there for all the citizens of Cranbrook to enjoy.

Neil Matheson/Cranbrook

Thanks and good luck

I would like to give a most appreciative thanks to the 1,638 people who voted for me in the municipal election last week. Sorry, I didn’t make it, but I hope I did a few things that met your approval during my three years on council. And if you think I could help on any civic matter in the future, don’t hesitate to call.

I also wish the new council administration a rewarding and successful four years in office, and with all the hard work and energy you displayed in the campaign, I don’t doubt you’ll have an enjoyable and productive term.

Gerry Warner/Cranbrook