Letters to the Editor: November 19

RCMP officer's trial; Welcome to 1984; Reversing the trend

RCMP trial

I read the article “Three years versus a matter of Seconds” (Tuesday, Nov. 17):

Thank you to Brian Edmondson for offering a better perspective of this case. We all need to be accountable for our actions.

It is too bad that the Independent Investigations and Crown Council did not spend more time investigating this case sooner. It would have saved Constable Drought many sleepless nights, saved the unnecessary expenditure of taxpayer’s dollars, and saved the courtroom for other cases.

I R Lowing, Wycliffe

Welcome to 1984

Although the recent election didn’t turn out that way I would have liked, I’m reasonably optimistic about our new government. They deserve an opportunity to show what they can do for our country.

One thing that is unfortunate for us locally, is that we no longer have an MP that is part of the governing party, but I’m sure that Mr. Stetski will do his best for all of us.

I must take strong exception to the first act of our new government in insisting that 50 per cent of the cabinet be made up of women. These quota type, warm and fuzzy, politically correct actions are simply wrong and an affront to our democratic traditions. We deserve the absolutely best people possible in these positions, no matter what their gender, cultural background, etc.

As an important lady in my life quickly pointed out, “these things are actually insulting to women, as it suggests they can’t make it on their own merits”. It is my view, that people who support this type of actions do not have respect for our democracy. If this type of thinking is allowed to evolve, maybe eventually, we’ll have system whereby a super body of minions will decide just who can run and who can’t.

Welcome to 1984 everyone!

Neil Matheson, Cranbrook

Reversing the trend

To Ron Robison, WHL Commissioner

Dear Mr. Robison:

I have been a season ticket holder with the Kootenay lce since the team was relocated to Cranbrook. It breaks my heart to continually see a half-full arena at our home games. I wondered, can this only be happening in Cranbrook? After checking the published attendance numbers from around the league, the answer is a resounding no. According to these numbers, there were nine franchises that had decreases in attendance last year versus 2013 -2014. For these nine teams, the average attendance decrease was 6.4%. Not earthshaking, but nevertheless a decrease that no business likes to see.

This year, almost 20% of home games have been played for most teams and the numbers are not pretty. Only four franchises (not counting Medicine Hat as they have a new arena) are showing increases in attendance. The other 17 are averaging a 13.6% decrease. Worse still, the four biggest markets (Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Portland) are showing decreases of over 25%. The only conclusion to be drawn from these stats is you not only have a Cranbrook problem, you have a league problem.

So, what can be done to reverse this trend? I would suggest you start with marketing your product. I have not seen much in the way of effective marketing coming out of your office. I was a franchisee for 23 years and expected the franchisor to provide the marketing expertise as that is their main responsibility. Threatening to move a team is not marketing — far from it. The best that can happen is you alienate your season ticket base.

I know it is not easy. There is no silver bullet. You have to do a lot of little things very well from smart advertising to keeping your season ticket customers happy. Like any business, you cannot just open your doors and be arrogant enough to expect people to buy your product. You are selling entertainment and maybe offering just a hockey game is not enough today. Maybe you have to create an event. Whatever, it is going to take some creative thinking and some smart marketing. I would hope you assemble such a team very quickly.

Oh, it would not hurt to include a savvy social media person with the team.

I am from the old school and going to a hockey game is good enough for me. I believe it is great affordable entertainment but obviously I am in the minority. I am hoping you will be able to start reversing the trend and keep my team in Cranbrook for years to come. lt has to start at the top.

Robert Hinds, Cranbrook