Norm Macdonald: Question of the Week

Given this riding’s distance from Victoria what is the number one issue you would work on bringing to the government’s attention?

As a two-term MLA who has been serving Kimberley for the past eight years, I know there’s a lot to work on. I am regularly involved in a number of issues that affect individual community members and the community as a whole.

If elected, regardless of our proximity to Alberta, none of that will change.

Specifically, I will be working on the Kimberley flume project. This endeavour needs provincial government support and it’s a cause I plan to champion. Also ranking high on my agenda will be a reversal of the recent Jumbo Glacier Resort Municipality decision. This 6,000 hectare public land giveaway by the BC Liberals shows clear disregard for the wishes of local people. Finally, the Invermere dialysis unit needs to be re-opened. This unit’s closure exemplifies an attitude of shortsighted thinking that must change.

As member of the opposition during my terms in office, I continually lobbied the Liberal government on behalf of Kimberley’s interests. If the BCNDP is able to form the next government, it will mean that instead of fighting the government to get a Coroner’s Inquest or reverse the HST we can put our community energies into taking care of our seniors, creating opportunities for our children and looking after our environment.

The BC Liberals closed our hospital, our courthouse and our employment center but now it’s Kimberley’s turn and that’s an exciting opportunity I am asking you to support me in.