A heartfelt thanks to Kimberley

Chris and Laurie Weitzel say thanks to Kimberley and Cranbrook for caring

What do you say when a community picks you up and carries you on its shoulders as you fight cancer? The only thing Chris Weitzel and wife Laurie can say is thank you from the bottom of their hearts to the good people of this area.

“We want to thank the communities of Kimberley and Cranbrook for pulling together and supporting us financially and spiritually,” Chris said.

“The community has been absolutely amazing,” Laurie added. “You think you can’t get through another day, but thanks to the community, you can.”

Chris Weitzel has been battling esophageal cancer. At one point he was down to 122 pounds and close to bedridden. After going the traditional route with treatment, he opted for holistic treatment in Mexico and he is feeling better, having gained some weight back.

“The treatment seems to be working,” he said. “It’s a low dose of chemo, but 95 per cent holistic. It keeps your body supported.”

The Mexican treatment is not without significant cost and Kimberley and Cranbrook residents played a big role in allowing the Weitzels to travel there for treatment. There have been two large fundraisers and many smaller ones, raising over $18,000.

But it’s not just money. It’s many, many small acts of kindness.

“All our yard work is being done, our firewood split,” Chris said. “People are making us food.”

“At one point Chris couldn’t swallow,” Laurie said. “People were making him homemade organic soups. Everyone stepped right up, it didn’t matter what it was.”

“I got up one day and people were weeding my garden,” Chris said. “I didn’t even know who some of them were. Every time something happened, someone stepped up. It’s tough to thank everyone so we just want to do the best we can by letting everyone know how fantastic our little communities really are.”

Weitzel will be returning to Mexico for a follow up in the New Year. He truly believes the treatment he received there made the difference for him and he and Laurie are willing to share that part of their story with anyone who may have more questions about it. You can reach them at yourhealthyourway13@gmail.com