The orchestra atop Northstar Mountain.

The orchestra atop Northstar Mountain.

A magical night on the mountain in Kimberley

The Symphony on the Mountain surpasses expectations

It was an enterprise fraught with difficult logistics, yet if all went well, it could deliver magic. And it did.

The logistics included moving an entire orchestra and all their instruments, music stands and more to the top of Northstar Mountain in Kimberley. Move 500 people up and off the mountain in the same evening. And hope that the weather cooperates. A backup plan had the concert and gala moving to the Kimberley Conference Centre, but all agreed the best case scenario was a performance on the mountain top.

Everything came together just how it was planned and the Symphony of the Kootenays performed on a beautiful evening with a spectacular view of the valley below for the audience.

Congratulations to the Symphony for a great performance and all the many volunteers who made this unique event happen.