The Munro family with their new truck.

The Munro family with their new truck.

A new truck for Macky’s hero

Local man wins Dependable Dad Father’s Day contest

Congratulations to Ryan Munro of Kimberley, grand prize winner of the Prairie Toyota Dependable Dad contest. Ryan won a brand new 2015 Tundra after his entry received the most votes in the contest. Ryan’s prize-winning story was submitted by his wife Brandy.

“Nine years ago we got pregnant unexpectedly, nine months later we had a healthy baby girl. Just before she turned two a handful of doctors walked into the room and told us our little girl had cancer. My husband was our rock! Makayla underwent two and a half years of chemo and spent the first eight months of that at the Alberta children’s hospital. During that time her daddy used every bit of savings that he had because he chose to not work and instead stay by her side every single day. He was there for every needle and every chemo treatment she received and she did absolutely amazing and I know part of that was due to the love that she felt! He has been the light of her eye and an amazing provider since the day she was born. She might be daddy’s hero but he is defiantly hers in her eyes!

Since then we have had two other kids and he is an amazing father to all three. I think he deserves to win because he has over exceeded my expectations for the father of my kids, especially with all the hardships he was faced! If my kids could write this they would! To my amazing husband and their amazing daddy!”