A spotlight on youth engagement in Kimberley

Opportunities, challenges, questions and successes of youth in Kimberley

YES! is putting the spotlight on youth engagement in Kimberley Over the coming months the Kimberley Youth Engagement Strategy (YES) Project will be sharing perspectives on youth engagement in Kimberley from a wide variety of vantage points in the community. The weekly series will bring forward the voices of local youth, young adults, youth-serving organizations, parents, business owners, seniors, community organizations and more, shedding light on the opportunities, challenges, questions and success stories that relate to the quality of life available here for those aged 12 through 29.

“We’re hoping that these articles will spark some thoughtful conversations and community reflection on what’s happening and available for youth and young adults in Kimberley, including the degree to which youth here have diverse and relevant opportunities to engage and feel like they are part of the larger community,” says YES project coordinator Ingrid Liepa. “There’s a lot of passion in Kimberley when it comes to youth concerns, so this project is a way to translate that passion into a shared community road map that shows the best and most attractive routes to be taking into the future.”

The core mission of the YES! Project is to develop a strategy and recommendations on how Kimberley can boost local activities, opportunities and/or services available for youth aged 12 through to 29. To help ensure the strategy reflects what both youth and community want to see, the project will be reaching out to engage youth, residents, local business and community organizations. To start things off, during the month of October Kimberley residents of all ages will be invited to contribute their ideas and perspectives on the current state of youth engagement in Kimberley and identify what needs to be added, changed or improved. The YES project was made possible thanks to funding from Columbia Basin Trust’s (CBT) Youth Initiative, which has a strategic focus on developing opportunities for youth in the Basin, including youth grants, leadership development opportunities, summer work programs, bursaries and more. In 2012 Kimberley successfully applied for and received $100,000 (over four years) in Community Youth-Directed Funds from CBT, and in 2013 funds were secured to conduct a youth engagement strategy. To learn more about the project, please visit www.yeskimberley.com or email info@yeskimberley.com. YES! gratefully acknowledges the support of Columbia Basin Trust in funding this project and the time and energy of local Steering Group members.