Bird Soul Productions proudly present Butterfly

A Vertical Dance Performance at St. Mary Climbing Crag, Kimberley, B.C.

Trina Rasmuson in a previous performance at the St. Mary Climbing Crag.

Trina Rasmuson in a previous performance at the St. Mary Climbing Crag.

What is Vertical Dance?

Vertical Dance combines the artistry of contemporary dance with the technical aspects of climbing and rappelling to create a rare and captivating visceral experience called Vertical Dance. It explores the relationship between movement and gravity, usually high above the ground suspended against a cliff.

Dates and Time:

August 13-15, 2015

7 p.m.


St. Mary Climbing Crag, Kimberley, B.C.

From Hwy 95A, 17 kms up St. Mary Lake Road


By Donation (Suggested $10)

The performance is outside; a blanket or portable chair, rain and sun gear recommended. Parking is limited, please consider carpooling. Watching from the lake is a great option!

Butterfly is a half-hour journey of music, poetry and dance. The work is meant to provoke reflection on our deepest questions. Who are we? Why are we? Where do we belong? The poets Rumi and Charles Bukowski are combined with solo voice, electronica and found beat music to create an eclectic score for the performance. Drummer John Siega and friends will be drumming and local poet Jeff Pew has helped with the poetry recordings.

All butterflies move through stages- awkward, haunting, beautiful, driven, dying. As we watch, the butterfly allows each of us to reflect on beauty, fragility and our own wandering path. Flipping, spinning or delicately crawling, the butterfly will float through the air and cling to the cliffs.

Through each movement and the dance itself, we will, perhaps, be able to catch glimpses of our own answers.

Trina Rasmuson, choreographer, dancer and independent dance artist has been involved with vertical dance for over 15 years. What started as a personal vision to explore movement in the mountains has grown to encompass a process involving national and local artist’s explorations, and contributions to an emergent and exquisite art form.

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