Celebrate Culture Days with two artists at Centre 64

Leah Wilson and Howlin' Dan will be at Centre 64 gallery Sunday

Freedom Flight by Leah Wilson.

Freedom Flight by Leah Wilson.

Howlin’ Dan: Artist’s talk and performance

Sunday September 28th Howlin’ Dan will give an artist’s talk and performance at Center 64 in Kimberly from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. along with the incredibly talented Leah Wilson.

Dan’s part of the the talk is about communicating ideas through art, ways of getting depth of meaning from a work and how art can very easily be totally misinterpreted.

His current works, the show entitled “What’s the Matter” at Center 64 is all about how we take apart and construct our world through observation, how the parts of what we see can mean as much as the whole. Dan’s been putting symbols into paintings for years and years and it’s amazed him how much people don’t get the intended meaning. It’s a part of what’s led this current style of painting and drawing where symbols are used in place of colour, often repeated in the hopes of you the viewer noticing them.

Howlin’ Dan will be using some of his paintings, like the entrancing 6’ tall, 5’ wide work, Door of Perception, as examples. And he’ll tell the meaning behind a bunch of the tantalizing details and explain the piece in it’s whole and parts. As well he’ll touch on intuitive painting – a way of improvising in art and important part of Dan’s artistic process – as taught by Ted Wallace who will also be there.

Part of the time will also be dedicated to a musical performance by Dan featuring “Wailing” Ted Wallace on harmonica. This will be a fantastic intimate show of original music featuring two friends and collaborators who have been working and playing together for over a decade. It’ll be a fun, heartful performance.

Leah Wilson: Artist’s Talk

Leah Wilson is thrilled to return to her home town of Kimberley as exhibitor at Center 64 Art Gallery through the month of September with the incredibly talented Howlin’ Dan, and looks forward to presenting her artists talk at the upcoming special event celebrating BC Arts and Culture Days (Sunday September 28th, 2pm-4pm)

Leah’s part of the talk will focus on her style of art (called Color Field Painting) sharing the complex nature of the layering technique used to achieve the overall effect of her work.  She will be bringing examples of color field paintings in different stages of completion to demonstrate and explain the process.  Like how different layers with textures and under-layers of strong color combinations can effect the final work in surprising ways.

“What’s the Matter” Art Exhibition at Center 64 for September 2014, is an exhibit created to inspire conversation through art on how we take apart and reconstruct our world around us on a visual level of perception. Leah’s paintings show how the parts seen are more than what is found on the surface, and how engaging and exciting the visual experience can be if we allow our eyes to see the details deeper down.  Leah will discuss briefly how particulate matter inspires her, how quantum concepts constantly push her brush around a canvas, and how gratifying it is to see someone try to touch a painting as though there is real life depth to experience instead being only a visual piece for the eye and mind to explore.

Leah looks forward to celebrating BC Arts and Culture Week in Kimberley B.C., and honored to be a presenter during this exciting event. She hopes to see you there and looks forward to mingling with everyone at Center 64 – 28th of September.