Centre 64 spring concert series

Performing in Kimberley: traditional Irish group ‘Caladh Nua’

Paddy Tutty

Paddy Tutty

Caladh Nua – pronc: Coll-ah Noo-Ah (meaning ‘New Harbour’ or ‘New Haven’) is a tightly-knit, vibrant and staggeringly talented band with its origins deeply rooted in the Southern counties of Ireland. Comprised of five versatile musicians and singers, playing a wide selection of instruments – from banjo to fiddle, guitar to bodhran and tin whistle to button accordion – the band has captured the essential qualities of traditional Irish music and balanced them finely with an innovative contemporary flair.  Performing a vast repertoire of haunting songs and evocative Irish tunes, Caladh Nua is a young ensemble on the rise.

The group includes Eoin O’Meachair, banjo & whistle; Paddy Tutty, fiddle & bodhran, who makes all his own instruments; Lisa Butler, lead vocals & fiddle; Derek Morrisey, accordion: and Colm O’Caoimh, guitar.

Through a series of international tours and festivals across the globe, which saw the band take the stage in cities such as Paris, Vienna, Copenhagen, Berlin, Mumbai and Vancouver, Caladh Nua has cast a uniquely captivating net of Irish music and song over an ever widening worldwide audience.

The group has released two CDs, Happy Days, and Next Step, and has appeared on American Public Radio and the BBC as well as in a private performance at the home of former Irish president Mary McAleese.

Sponsored by ‘Culture Ireland’, Caladh Nua will be performing a rare North America tour, and Kimberley has been graced with the opportunity to see this troupe of Celts. They will be playing for one night only at Centre 64. Join us on March 30th, 2014 to hear their haunting yet inspiring music. Tickets are going fast, and with limited availability, this is a show you do not want to miss.

Tickets are available at Centre 64(phone 250-427-4919, Tue. – Sat. 1 – 5 pm) or online at http://goo.gl/V6E8UD.