City of Kimberley to host information session

Wednesday, July 23, 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Centennial Centre

The City of Kimberley is currently  working on two big projects — the Mark Creek flume rehabilitation and the Sun Mine. There have been questions aplenty surrounding both projects and on Wednesday, July 23, City staff, Mayor and Council will make an effort to answer as many of them as possible when they host an open house at Centennial Hall.

Mayor Ron McRae said it was decided that an open house format would best serve as a way to get information out rather than a town hall format, where he would make a formal presentation and then take questions.

Instead, those interested in learning more about either project will be able to look at what McRae says is “everything we have on both these two major projects”, and then ask questions of staff and Council.

“Staff has been involved in both projects,” McRae said. “And this is a good opportunity to engage staff on both. We invite you to come in, look around and have a chat with myself, Council and City staff.”