Feeding deer still an issue in Kimberley

Things have improved, but bylaw officer says there is still evidence of feeding

Feeding deer has been an issue in Kimberley for quite some time, especially in the winter months. There has been a No Feeding bylaw in place for several years, and last year, following recommendations from the Kimberley Urban Deer Committee, the fine for feeding deer was raised to $500.

That, along with a lot of education, appears to be helping, but Bylaw Officer Rich Klekowski  says he is still seeing instances of possible feeding and would like to remind people that it is against the law.

Klekowski says there appears to be a bit of a problem in Marysville.

“I’m seeing a lot of deer gathering in one spot, and as people drive past they are nosing up to look for food. They are obviously being fed by someone.”

The no feeding bylaw does not just cover putting out feed for deer.

“The fine for feeding deer or casing deer to be fed is $500,” Klekowski said. “The fine for permitting deer to be fed on a property occupied as permanent or semi permanent place of residence is $500. Please do not feed the deer.”

Kimberley City Council voted late in 2013 to undertake a limited cull of up to 15 deer in Marysville and up to 15 in the Blarchmont, Chapman Camp area.

The call for quotations for contractors to perform the cull is out and closes this Friday, January 10, 2014.