FireSmart meeting Wednesday at Kimberley Fire Hall

Learn about what FireSmart can mean for your property and work with neighbours

Residents are reminded that those interested in getting to work on fire-smarting their properties and neighbourhoods are invited to a Kimberley Fire Department Open House this Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Fire Hall. (Please use the rear entrance on the Mark Creek parking lot side).

The purpose of the meeting is to pass on information on how to fire smart your property to make it safer from forest fires, and also to find people who may be willing to head up committees to work on entire neighbourhoods.

These so-called community champions would help organize FireSmart work in neighbourhoods.

The Fire Department wouldn’t do the work on private lands, but can evaluate and help you make a plan to make your property safer.  If you did have a neighbourhood work party, the City could come in with the chipper to assist in getting rid of fuels.

The Fire Department’s role is to evaluate, give suggestions, then re-evaluate and report to the province.

The workshop will serve to identify and prepare prospective Community Champions to lead their neighborhoods towards increased preparedness for wildfire.

This will be achieved by providing individuals with the information to recognize wildfire hazards; an understanding of simple FireSmart solutions; opportunities for networking with fire professionals and other concerned residents; and a supportive process for getting started on local projects to reduce the risk of wildfire losses. This workshop will be an informative, enjoyable and productive experience.