Fundraising for Katryna

Katryna Sigurdson, MADD director for Kimberley Cranbrook fights cancer

Katryna Sigurdson stays positive in hospital.

Katryna Sigurdson stays positive in hospital.

Kerri Schill

For the Bulletin

My friend Katryna Sigurdson, is a 39 year old, single mother of a wonderful 17 year old girl named Katey. With her permission, she has allowed me to set up this campaign in her name.

Kimberley residents will recognize Katryna as the driving force behind MADD Kimberley/Cranbrook.

On May 8, 2014 Katryna’s world came to a screeching halt. She was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. Katryna was taken by ambulance to Calgary, away from her daughter, home and her life. The treatments she needed are not available in Kimberley. After a week in the hospital she was sent home, on blood thinners, to await treatment dates.

On May 22, 2014 Katryna went back to Calgary for a PET Scan and due to the blood thinners and a bleeding tumour, almost bled to death. She was admitted back into the hospital where she remained until June 13, 2014 when she was released to the attached hostel. Four hours later Katryna was re-admitted to the hospital after fainting outside and breaking her right foot. She had surgery on June 14 to repair the break and remained in hospital until June 26 when she was finally able to return home after 42 days in the hospital, mostly having radiation treatments and 5 chemo treatments. Katryna was in a wheelchair for three months following the foot break.

Being in the hospital and off work has put an immense financial strain on Katryna and her daughter. Travelling to and from Calgary monthly, medications, school fees, graduation fees, and just general everyday expenses have started to show. She has faced eviction and almost had her car repossessed simply because her medical EI ran out in September and she was not eligible for Income Assistance until the end of November.

Through all of this Katryna has somehow managed to keep a smile on her face and keep a positive attitude. She is very actively involved in her community. She is the Community Leader for MADD Kimberley Cranbrook and she coaches Special Olympics bowling. With all of the selfless giving that Katryna gives to her community, family and friends I wanted to be able to give back to her and that is why I am setting up this fundraiser. Katryna is now in partial remission and still needs to travel to Calgary for appointments and treatments. She is currently being sent for further testing for Colon Cancer as well.

You can donate to Katryna through