Grade 9’s Go Wild

Go Wild trains students for five-day backcountry hike in June

The Go Wild program culminates in a five-day hike.

The Go Wild program culminates in a five-day hike.

The Wildsight-Selkirk Grade 9 – Go Wild 5 Day Hike program will be offered again this spring, says Selkirk teacher Jenn Meens, and all interested grade nines are encouraged to apply after the program presentation taking place on April 9.

Successful applicants will be taking part in several after school sessions and a one night simulation trip before the five-day backcountry hike in late June.

Last year, students hiked in Yoho National Park, and Meens says it was a great success.

“Picture perfect blue sky’s, breathtaking vistas, and glaciers filled our visual cup over the three days the Selkirk Outdoor Careers students spent in the Lake O’Hara area of Yoho National Park,” Meens said. “The amazingly beautiful place was enhanced by the hard work it took to get in there – a 12km ski in, seemingly all up hill.”

“It was a tough day to get into the Elizabeth Parker Hut, but once I go there it was so amazing that I felt like I could do the 12 km all over again” said Veronika (student).

“The students had to work hard to get ready for this trip.  We skied as much as we could beforehand, and appreciated the assistance of Keith King in preparing us for the long journey in. Students made amazing food for the whole group, with lots of preparation making sure we had good healthy and tasty meals which included some meals dehydrated ahead of time.”

Grant Smith, Selkirk’s Art Teacher joined the group and shared his passion for the area as an inspiration to many great North American Artists through stories and water colour painting lessons. Keith King joined as another volunteer to help with group support, and shared his love of the mountains, excitement in being able to return to Lake O’Hara, and helpful ski tips.

Dave Quinn and Kevin Blades shared their love of the mountain, doing an introduction to ski touring, a review of avalanche safety skills, and supporting the group with their wealth of winter skills and knowledge.

“We even enjoyed a tour of the “Lake O’Hara Lodge” from the owner and operator Bruce, getting an inside scoop on the ins and outs of working in the guiding and hospitality business in a remote location,” Meens said. “Thank you so much to all the fantastic people that came together to make this experience so amazing and safe.”

The Selkirk Outdoor Careers Students would also like to thank all those that attended the film night “Maidentrip”, at McKim on March 14th.

“We hope you enjoyed the inspiring film and our home made goodies,” Meens said.

All proceeds are going towards supporting both the Selkirk Outdoor Programs and the Wildsight Go Wild 5 Day Hike Programs.