Gran Fondo will race through Kimberley

The Kootenay Rockies Gran Fondo is coming through the Platzl Saturday, September 12

The Gran Fondo begins at St. Eugene and will race through Kimberley's Platzl.

The Gran Fondo begins at St. Eugene and will race through Kimberley's Platzl.

Riders from 2014’s Gran Fondo commented that riding through the Platzl was the highlight of their ride – “felt like I was in the Tour de France.”

Our Platzl is the best place for you to be to view this year’s excitement.

Each year the event grows in size. This year over 500 riders are expected, an increase from the 400 in 2014. First riders (the Gran), will likely arrive in Kimberley around 9:45 am, the recreational riders (the Piccolo) will continue cycling through until about 11:45 am. The riders will have the opportunity to stop at the Fondo aid station at the Kimberley Rotary Tent where you can check out the cyclists and their equipment.

This will be a great opportunity for Kimberley’s residents and visitors to come to the Platzl to cheer on the Fondo riders and check out our local shops. Support our businesses, have brunch, lunch or a snack and drink. Bring your cow bells or other noise makers (pebbles in a coffee-can work well) and cheer on the riders.  Check out our own Dollar Store in the Platzl for noise makers. Remember, riders love that noise!

Use this great opportunity to highlight Kimberley and bring awareness of what Kimberley has to offer our locals, visitors and future businesses. Look for and wave at the Drone flying overhead filming this event for an even larger audience. See you there on Saturday September 12th.