It’s trrrradition!

Kimberley's United Church Scottish Tea has a long history

Members of the Kimberley Pipe Band will be on hand at the Scottish Tea this Saturday

Members of the Kimberley Pipe Band will be on hand at the Scottish Tea this Saturday

Myra Farquhar

Back in the early 1960s, the National Council of the United Church of Canada recognized that there was a valuable asset within  the walls of the churches that was not being used to the fullest of its potential .   They were referring to the Women in the Congregations and they urged every pastoral charge to organize them into a United Church Women’s group.  This is exactly what happened in Kimberley and Jo (Mennie) Williams was elected as the  Charter President.

For the convenience of its members, separate units were established so that a Unit could meet in the members home.  Kimberley had several units such as the Galbraith Unit in Townsite, the Blarchmont and Chapman Camp Units that facilitated neighbourly meetings.

It was the Blarchmont Unit that first tried a Scottish  Tea  as their fund-raiser.  Although the UCW is no longer functional in Kimberley, the traditional Scottish Tea continues to thrive (probably 50 years later) .   It is now a Congregational fund-raiser and assists some of the church’s local charities.

This year, former members of the Blarchmont unit continue to participate and Jessie Jensen & Mary Bergeron will be helping to man the Bake Table.   Rev. Sunny Kim will be welcoming guests for the first time and is anticipating a ‘fun’ afternoon.  The Scottish Tea, as always welcomes everyone to enjoy Scottish goodies at the tea tables, Scottish dancing by the students of Liela Cooper  and Scottish pipers from the  Kimberley Pipe Band.  It is noted that during this lengthy history, a piper, Bill Leith  from the Trail band has journeyed here to be a part of the Scottish music!  The popularity of this tea warrants the use of the Upper & Lower halls at the United Church at the  corner of Boundary and Wallinger Avenue.