The Selkirk and Community Choirs joined together in song last week.

The Selkirk and Community Choirs joined together in song last week.

Joint concert held at McKim

Concert by The Selkirk Choirs and the Kimberley Community Choir, Wednesday November 4, 2015

John Allen

The Selkirk Jazz Group led off the concert at McKim with “The Longest Time”, accapella, featuring Courtney Crawford and Drew Lyall; they also sang “Java Jive” (I love coffee, I love tea…), with piano and guitar. The Director was of course Sven Heyde.

The Kimberley Community Choir, directed by Laurel, Jeff playing piano, followed with “We Will Be Free”, an Oscar Peterson tune.

Next the 33 member Selkirk Choir sang the Beatles “Let it Be”, with solo by Maia Greiner. Definitely not like The Beatles imagined this tune. Next was a beautiful Hebrew blessing “Sim Shalom” (“Grant Peace”). Finally the choir rocked out on “Signed Sealed Delivered”.

The combined choirs finished up the evening with the gospel song “Hush” (Hush, Hush, Somebody’s calling my name.); Arissa Tuffolo sang a lovely solo. The final number of the evening was Sven on the bongo. No actually, he played the bongo drum while the full choir sang the South African hymn Siyahamba (We are marching.)

So the audience marched out, very satisfied with a wonderfully varied and presented evening.

It’s not the first time the two choirs have sung together; they just keep getting better.

Both choirs have concerts coming up in December; watch for news in the Bulletin.