Kimberley continues to fundraise for Jenna

Concert, bottle drives, trust account at credit union

Fundraising for Jenna Homeniuk is going on all over town, including the Jam for Jenna event taking place at McKim Theatre on Saturday night.

The Good Ol’ Goats will headline the evening with additional performances by 60 Hertz, Sheva and The Rosie Brown Band.

Any inquiries about the jam, please call Kathy Murphy at 250-427-7030 or Marc and Sue Raymond at 778-481-4811.

In addition,Grays Pharmacy in Marysville has been fundraising and have raised over $900 in a bottle drive this month. If you have bottles left over from the holiday season, you can take them, counted and sorted, down to the Kimberley bottle depot and ask that they go to Jenna.

The bottle depot will be taking in these donations until Saturday. If you just cannot get your bottles down to the depot, call Grays at 250-427-0038 and they will pick them up.

A trust fund for Jenna has been set up at Kootenay Savings Credit Union, so if you are unable to participate in any other fundraising events, please drop by and donate.

Jenna has been battling leukemia for 18 months and now faces another round of chemo and another bone marrow transplant.