Kimberley Council removes parking spots

Two downtown parking spots removed due to safety concerns

When the Bavarian Esso building was closed and then torn down, people began parking on the street in front of the lot. Last March, Council designated those spots on Wallinger a parking area. However, Council has now decided to remove that designation from two of the spots.

There are two issues. One, Council has been informed by Platzl business owners that large delivery trucks are having difficulty making the turn back out onto Wallinger Avenue because of parking extending right up to the alley by the Sprout Grocery building. Council has also heard from business owners and residents that visibility is also an issue on that corner. A report noted that there have already been a couple of near misses at that intersection.

Therefore Council has authorized removal of those spots at the request of the Operations Department. It was felt that removing two parking spots shouldn’t cause too much difficulty as there is plenty of parking in the area, including the lot across Wallinger Avenue and the newer parking area beside Centre 64.

The two parking spots nearest Spokane Street will remain.