Kimberley kids turn bake sale proceeds over to Military Ames

The kids wanted to help after hearing about vandalism at new Cenotaph



On October 28, unknown vandals damaged the new concrete, just poured for the base of Kimberley’s new Cenotaph.

It was a disheartening moment for Military Ames facilitator Cindy Postnikoff and the veterans working so hard on the project.

The monetary value of the damage is likely quite a lot more than $50, but a donation of that amount to Military Ames from some Kimberley kids has made everyone involved feel a whole lot better.

“I received a call from Greg Bradley that his 10 year old daughter and her friends had a bake sale and wanted to give $50 towards the cenotaph,” Postnikoff said. “They wanted to meet me and give me the money on Remembrance Day, so I met them on Friday morning just before the service and they gave me the $50 in a baggie, it was so cute. I presented each of them with a Canada Remembers gold leaf and poppy pin — these pins are normally reserved for veterans but I felt these girls were just so special.

“I thanked them for being such good ambassadors and it was just so refreshing to see these young faces so eager to help. Very positive given the blow we took on Oct. 28 when someone vandalized the concrete. A big thank you to the parents who are doing a great job!”