Kimberley Olympic skier Judi Leinweber

Judi Leinweber is another in a long line of Kimberley skiing stars

Canadian Olympic ski team in 1968

Canadian Olympic ski team in 1968


For the Bulletin

Local girl Judi Leinweber burst upon the International Ski Scene as a 17 year old competing  for Canada  in the 1968 Winter Olympic Games which were held in Grenoble France.

Born and raised in Kimberley, Judi, was, for lack of a better word, a natural. On the Canadian National Ski Team at the age of 15, Judi was actually still in High School  whilst competing in the Winter Olympics, finishing a very creditable 20th in Downhill, and 25th  in Giant Slalom.

Ms. Leinweber and a team mate carried a jubliant Nancy Greene on their shoulders to accept the Gold Medal for Canada in Giant Slalom.

The best skiing  family to ever  come  from Kimberley B.C., would undoubtedly be  the Leinweber Family. Brother Lonnie was an excellent racer, before he went into Instructing  at Kimberley Resort, Lon also has taken local instructors to Japan every winter for many seasons to teach skiing in the far east.

Their sister Deidre was an excellent skier too. Mr. Harrold Leinweber was a ski pro up at North Star Mountain  and a very gifted skier, in his own right.

By the way Judi Leinweber was the Canadian Ladies Alpine Champion in 1969, which basically means she was  the best woman skier in Canada that year., Both Lonnie and Judi Leinweber continue to ski “lights  out”, I saw Judi skiing in Fernie about seven years ago and she still  had “it”

Lonnie’s son Antoine who sadly passed away rock climbing a few years ago, was a real skiing talent too, a beautiful skiing style which is the trademark of the Leinweber Family.