Kimberley Public Library Director Karin von Wittgenstein in the youth room.

Kimberley Public Library Director Karin von Wittgenstein in the youth room.

Kimberley Public Library; accessible and welcoming

The Library offers a vast array of services not everyone is aware of

According to Kimberley Public Library Director Karin von Wittgenstein, something she often hears is, “I had no idea the Library offered that.”

That’s something she’d like to change. The Library is so much more than a place to borrow books, although that remains its primary function. But it also offers a variety of services, and a vast spectrum of resources from ebooks and magazines to reading clubs.

“And we don’t shush anymore,” von Wittgenstein said.

The Kimberley Public Library  Board and their supporters the Friends of the Library have worked hard to make the library an accessible, welcoming place, with all kinds of comfortable spaces to read or discuss. There is a youth room with study carrels and an entertainment centre. The room has plenty of young adult resources; fiction, relevant nonfiction, audio books, DVDs and excellent classroom resources.

There’s a children’s room, a reading room with newspapers, and the opportunity to access a huge library of data bases. For everything from starting your own business and developing a business plan to academic periodicals to BC and Canadian law to auto repair, these data bases are valuable tools and yours to access free of charge.

The Summer Reading Club runs from July to mid-August and will feature the theme Build It this year. The Writer in Residence Program with author Jordan Zinovich offers local authors an opportunity to gain assistance in writing, editing, publishing and promotion.

Of course the always popular Children’s storytime continues, September through June.

“This program gives youngsters the opportunity to participate in a cooperative, group centred learning environment which ais in a more successful integration into the public education learning environment,” von Wittgentstein said.

One of the other programs von Wittgenstein would like to emphasize is the Library’s outreach service. If you are, or know of, someone who is a shut-in, please contact or refer them to the Library and books can be brought right to their home.

“I think that service is under-utilized,” she said. “A lot of people could benefit from it.”

If you are a community group with an idea, contact the library to see if they might be interested in working with you.

“We are always exploring opportunities for collaboration with community groups for creative additions to library services,” von Wittgenstein said. “We have been working with the Kimberley Makerspace group and look forward to having mini maker workshops at the library which will be part of the summer reading program.”

While there are few government services in Kimberley, the Library is pleased to be able to offer employment services one day a week. At any other time, library staff are pleased to assist you in copying resumes and other support services.

This is by no means a full list of everything that the Kimberley Public Library offers, but if you have a question just drop by. Von Wittgenstein and her staff would be happy to answer it for you or get you started on finding the resources you need.

“We are so happy to be part of this community,” she said.