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Kimberley students explore tech careers

Selkirk students travel to Tech Summit for Youth Innovation Day
Kaia Barth-Lessard

On March 15, Selkirk students involved in the Kimberley Youth Action Network (KYAN) had an opportunity to travel to Vancouver for Youth Innovation Day at the BC Tech Summit.

Youth Innovation Day allows students to explore the wide range of education, training and career opportunities in the tech sector.

“The kids were over the moon,” said Action Network facilitator Lori Joe. “They had an amazing experience.”

It was perfect timing as the Network kids are involved in a project called Inspire Me, focusing on current trends in employment and where to look career-wise.

Attending the summit allowed students to talk to people in tech careers, and actually see the work going on.

The opportunity to attend the Tech Summit was funded by CBT but happened because of the successful partnership between Selkirk School and the KYAN.

KYAN-Leadership Team created an application for the Tech Summit. All Selkirk students had the opportunity to apply to go, successful applicants were then chosen.

Here’s a few words from student Heidi Howe who attended.

“Attending the BC Tech Summit inspired me by allowing me to realize all of the different career opportunities in the technology sector.

“My most favorite parts at the tech summit were how we got to talk to all the different university students about career paths in the technology sector, being able to try out the newest types of technology like virtual reality, and listening to some of the very inspiring speakers at the convention.

“I think that Selkirk students should have the opportunity to go to the BC Tech Summit in the future because it really made me catch on about how there are many different careers that I never quite knew about living around Kimberley. I believe that it would an awesome opportunity for other students to be able to go, and learn new things regarding technology because it could really benefit you for the future, especially as there will be more jobs in technology.”

“One great thing was that we had equal boys and girls and all students represented a variety of interests,” Joe said. “This is perfect as tech involves students that enjoy math, science, mechanics, arts, and sports ..... the technology sector is very diverse!”

Joe says companies involved in the tech sector had people very available to speak to students and tech sector university students spoke one on one to the kids from Selkirk.

As one student said in the application, “technology is so important to our lives because it has already become a necessity rather than a desire.”

“Lots of doors are opening up in the tech sector,” Joe said. “It’s an exciting time and so important for Kimberley students to learn how they can get into the tech sector.”


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