Aria Siega performs.

Aria Siega performs.

Kimberley youth perform to sold out audience

Talent show at Centre 64 attracts big crowds last Friday at Centre 64

Chris Newel

for the Bulletin


Much like Foreigner’s song, Juke Box Hero, Kimberley’s youth played to a “sold out show” Friday night at Center 64.

Twenty-one performers aged 12-19 took part of “Kimberley’s Got Talent” that showcased local youth in the Fine ARTS!   The Kimberley Youth Steering Committee orchestrated the sold out event and several people had to be turned away.

This event had a wide variety of numbers including, video production, poetry, singing, dance and instrumentals.  The performers wrote a number of songs.

I think many would agree Drew Lyall’s video; “Who am I?” was thought provoking and catchy.  For over two minutes his self recorded video talked about who he really was, without actually ever answering the question.

The performers showed that they have the talent and imagination to entertain the crowd as well as many professional artists.

In addition to those that performed on stage there was students that chose to show their skills though photography and drawing.  The entry way had a number of photographs and art on display for the attendees to view during intermission.

Funding assistance came from Columbia Basin Trust when they distributed $100,000 through “Community Directed Youth Funds”  “ Kimberly’s Lori Joe formed an oversight committed to ensure all goals and objectives for these funds would be managed in accordance to youth wants and needs. A Youth Coordinator (Ben Cohen) was hired and with collaborative efforts, the group brainstormed to create initiatives and activities to decrease boredom amongst youth (ages 12-19) in Kimberley.   One of those initiatives was the “Kimberley’s Got Talent” Show.

This event really proved that if you give the youth a “stage” and believe in them they DO SHOW UP, and the whole community benefits. This particular “Youth in Arts” initiative will now expand to offer “Open Mike” coffee nights at the Bean Tree and future shows at Centre 64.

Kimberley Youth Steering Committee” is partnering with the Get Outside BC program, on Dec 21st for the next event “Winter Solstice” which will be at the Nordic Centre. There will be bonfire, chill feast, skiing, snowshoeing, live music and games and video/slideshows for teens.   Stay tuned for more on that.

Performers were; Antonia Sullivan, Emma Loewen, Aria Siega, Tyra Joe, Courtney Crawford, Gwen Davis, Mikhela Greiner, Jordan Lilly, Natasha Norton, Mac Ramsy, Adian Gilbert, Drew Lyall, Terek Flowers, Maia Greiner, Bryn Oakley, Emily Newel, Connor Klassen, Allison Stoddart, Zoe Gerlib, James Owen and Liam Westorgaard.  Production staff, Lori Joe, Ben Cohen and Matt MacKenzie.  A number of teachers and parents also volunteered their time to the worthwhile event.  Long live the arts!