Local veterans enjoy Ames Day

Target shooting, barbecue lunch and fellowship for military veterans

Local military veterans enjoyed a target shooting competition at Ames Day.

Local military veterans enjoyed a target shooting competition at Ames Day.

While Military Ames has taken ownership of supporting and fundraising for the new Kimberley Veterans’ Memorial Park in the downtown area, its primary reason for being is to provide a safe space and camaraderie for military veterans in the area.

One of the ways Military Ames shows appreciation for veterans is the annual Ames Day. This year’s event was held this past Tuesday, June 28.

“The sports day, which is held to show appreciation for our local military veterans for their service and sacrifice, saw the veterans treated to a barbecue lunch and social,” said Cindy Postnikoff of Military Ames. “The veterans also enjoyed several target stations where they tested their shooting skills. A good time was had by all and the camaraderie amazing.

“We’d like to express sincere gratitude to the business’s that donated and made this day possible. Thank you Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, Shoppers Drug Mart, Safeway, Kimberley Overwaitea, Save On Foods and Home Depot.

“To the folks in Meadowbrook, thank you for putting up with the bangs and rumbles. The veterans had a real blast and your tolerance was greatly appreciated.”

Postnikoff says Military Ames continues to reach out to veterans to attend their twice-monthly meetings.

“We are a group of military veterans that get together to ‘spend time with fellow vets.’ There is a friendship in camaraderie that is like no other.”

If you are a veteran and this sounds like something you’d enjoy or if you’d like to talk to a veteran, call Cindy 250 919-3137.

Military Ames is still looking for volunteers to help out during the Julyfest weekend, July 15 & 16 at the fleamarket, bake sale family fun day and are also still looking for donations for their fleamarket which they will pick up. Call Cindy