Mayor calls out Councillors on making arena decision “political”

Kimberley councillors McCormick, Oakley stand by positions

After all City councillors had their say in respect to the Marysville Arena vote on Tuesday evening, Mayor Ron McRae had a few words for the two dissenting councillors, Don McCormick and Darryl Oakley.

“I am extremely disappointed with councillors McCormick and Oakley for making this a political issue,” McRae said.

“To see open letters regarding infrastructure from councillors in the paper is unacceptable. Councillors must have their facts straight before they go to the public.”

Reached after the meeting, Oakley said that any data he received came from conversations at Operations Committee meeting with City staff.

I have the utmost respect for our managers and staff. I appreciate them being candid in Ops meetings,” he said. “My question would be if the Mayor considers that not getting facts straight, where can I get my information? Where can any citizen get their information?”

As for turning the issue political, Oakley said he hasn’t even decided if he is running for re-electon next fall.

“I view my role as a councillor to do the best I can for the city where I live. I’m not interested in the view point that this is for a campaign. My interest when I put information out is to do just that. I think it’s important to put that stuff out.”

McCormick however had a very short response.

“We are elected officials managing taxpayers hard earned money — of course it’s political!”

McRae said that both councillors are free to take a different position on what he said Monday evening.

“But when Mr. McCormick says ‘we’ll see what happens next election’, that’s a political statement.”