Ben and Joey buddy up in class.

Ben and Joey buddy up in class.

McKim memories

A weekly report from the Journalism Club at McKim Middle School

Submitted by McKim Journalism Club

What up?  The sky.  Duh!  It’s us, The McKim Journalism Club, ready to report.

We have a lot of great clubs at McKim.  One of these awesome clubs is The Library Club.  We make bookmarks, organize books on the shelves, doodle and decorate bulletin boards to reflect different holidays.  We have fun.

Intramurals is getting into the spirit of Christmas. Intramurals is a really fun lunchtime activity where kids participate in different sporting activities.  This week we played Forwards and Guards.  Every month there is a student of the month for each grade.  Congratulations to our grade 4 and 5 winners this month, Charlize Moritz and Hailey Kopecky. Excellent job, girls!

Since we are talking about clubs, a popular club is Outdoor Club.  Students who love the outdoors can participate in outdoor activities and learn cool skills like first aid, climbing, tying knots, etc…Mr. Ferguson welcomes students from all grades.

On Wednesday at lunch hour, Mr. Quiggley runs the Splash of Colour Club.  This is an art based club where students draw and create different masterpieces.

Our Drama Club runs on Friday afternoons and perform short skits for monthly assemblies.  Mr. McCue runs this amazing club.

These are only a few of the tremendous opportunities we offer here at McKim.

Next week the focus is on our favorite holiday…CHRISTMAS!!!!!  Peace, out!