Spirit Rock team does well in Calgary

Kimberley climbing team hits the road; first time in competition for most of them

The Spirit Rock Climbing Team Bottom- Max Brine

The Spirit Rock Climbing Team Bottom- Max Brine

On November 27 the Spirit Rock Climbing Team went to Calgary Alberta for a climbing competition at the Calgary Climbing Center. The seven team members and their coach had a great time and everyone did very well, especially considering it was their first time competing for most of them. This competition was part of the Tour De Bloc Climbing Comps – a national series of bouldering climbing competitions.

The Spirit Rock Climbing Team will be competing next at the Cube in Nelson December 13.

Team member placement:

Anna Belle Smiley, Female Youth C 16th

Logan Robison, Male Youth D 10th

TJ Foley Male, Youth C 1st

Jake Ferguson, Male Male Youth D 3rd

Moses Janzen, Male Youth C 6th

Max Brine, MaleYouth C 9th

Everett Olafson, Youth A 18th