Thanks for a great ShelterBox year, Kimberley

Kimberley continues to be one of the most supportive communities in Canada

ShelterBox teams were deployed to 19 countries in 2015.

ShelterBox teams were deployed to 19 countries in 2015.

Year End reports from numerous local sources gives Kimberley much pride.  Good news was reported from the Happy Hands Food Bank, Cranbrook/Kimberley Hospice Society, our Sun Mine, First Saturday Society, Kimberley Chamber of Commerce and Kimberley Dynamiters, just to name a few. Shelterbox Canada’s Year End report also shows great results, with Kimberley Rotary Club receiving high praise and National recognition.

Shelterbox Response Teams were deployed to 22 disasters in 19 different countries, saving lives and bring hope and dignity to 28,000 families in 2015. Last year the Kimberley Rotary Club raised $17,648 that went to the purchase of 11 Shelterboxes containing tents and a growing assortment of support equipment desperately require by disaster victims. Christmas gifts in December alone brought in $4,700.  Total funds raised by Kimberley Rotary Club since September 2008, when Shelterbox was first introduced at the Community Fall Fair now totals $145,970.

On behalf of all the families that you and your thoughtful donations have continued to provide over the years, Kimberley Rotarians sincerely thank you.