Michael and Jurate setting an example by wearing helmets.

Michael and Jurate setting an example by wearing helmets.

Wear bike helmets

Are you setting an example as a parent by wearing a helmet?

Cpl. Chris Newel of the Kimberley RCMP is an avid biker himself, as well as a police mountain biker instructor, and he has a message for all those people who are hauling out the bikes for the spring and summer — wear a helmet.

“With the warmer weather we are seeing more and more cyclists out enjoying the weather,” Newel said. “As an avid cyclist and police officer I’m firm believer in bike helmets.  I see them on young people, teenagers and adults.  But there are times when parents seem to be exempt from wearing bike helmets.  The young children are outfitted with helmets but mom or dad aren’t.  I’m not sure whether they believe they are immune to head injuries, maybe they believe they are good riders and won’t fall, maybe they believe it just won’t happen to them.

“Apart from all that, and the fact wearing a helmet is law, what kind of example are you setting?  Parents need to set the example; those young people are watching you!”