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Black Spur Ultra Marathon at Kimberley Alpine Resort this weekend

A few volunteers still needed
Last year’s Black Spur Ultra Marathon in Kimberley. Courtesy Sinister Sports.

The Black Spur Ultra, presented by Sinister Sports, is scheduled for August 20 and 21, 2022, at the Kimberley Alpine Resort. The ultra-marathon race could still use a few volunteers, according to their latest online update, so if you can give them some time, it would be appreciated.

This is an opportunity to see what ultra marathon racing is all about and meet some great people. Race organizers say that many people who now run the race began as volunteers and were drawn into the world.

Race organizers try to make it as easy as possible for volunteers, but you may be located at a remote check point so you should bring your own gear and food, so you are as comfortable as possible. Even you are going to be at a front country post, you should still have some basic camping gear.

They could also use some help setting up on Friday before the race.

Here are some of the volunteer roles for the race weekend:

Pre-Registration & Registration: Help is always needed getting the arena set up and stuffing racer bags. This is a rather social activity. Registration runs most of the day on Friday and with 1,800 racers coming we can use as much help as we have available. This is pretty straightforward work - just signing people in and helping keep the flow going.

Checkpoint (CP)/Transition Area (TA): Most volunteers work at an aid station or transition where your role is to set up tents and tables, keep the water flowing and assist the race directors to make the event run smoothly. This is actually a lot more laid back than it sounds! A big part of it is handing out food. At each TA there will be a site coordinator who directs everyone into the jobs that need to be done. At CPs it’s just you and the other volunteers.

Timing: An electronic timing system is used at TAs but it is important to monitor the racers as they are coming in. Volunteers on the timing stations will check off racers as they come through. At CPs, volunteers should write down the time the racers passed on the sheets provided. This is mainly so we know where to start looking if a racer becomes lost!

Communications: Some volunteers will receive a two-way radio when they sign in, which will be how you stay in touch. As radios are on a public channel, it is expected that anyone using them be polite and professional. Every volunteer location should have at least one radio, but not necessarily each volunteer. Also try and keep off the radio as much as possible. We all use the same frequency and if you are talking, nobody else can. This can be a big problem in an emergency.

Medical: We hire a crew of professional medics to oversee safety and EMS at the event. That said, if you have outstanding medical skills, let us know and we can try to partner you up with these folks. In general it is helpful to have volunteers around the course that know First Aid.

You can sign up at

The Black Spur has a 108 K and 54 K distance, with both solo and team events.

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