A caddy lines a golfer up at a 2017 Blind Golf Tournament in Creston. Photo courtesy vibebc.com

A caddy lines a golfer up at a 2017 Blind Golf Tournament in Creston. Photo courtesy vibebc.com

Blind Golf associations to hold two championships in Kimberley Cranbrook summer of 2019

Golf courses in this area host a number of tournaments each year, but next summer there are two very special events, hosted respectively by Bootleg Gap Golf Course and the St. Eugene Golf Resort.

These events will feature blind golfers. The Western Canadian Blind Golf Association and Blind Golf Canada are pleased to announce that Kimberley will host the 2019 Western Canadian Blind Golf Championships and Cranbrook will host the ISPS HANDA Canadian Blind Golf Championships. Bootleg hosts on July 8 through 10th and St. Eugene July 11 through 13.

Darren Douma is the President of the Western Canadian Blind Golf Assoc. and the Vice President of Blind Golf Canada. Partially sighted himself, he has organized previous events in Creston.

He is hoping competitors from all over the world will attend the tournaments, and is looking for local sponsorship of the events.

The slogan he likes to use for blind golf is “We Can Still Play”.

In Blind Golf, players are categorized by their level of sight impairment. B1 players are totally blind, up to B3, which are golfers who have vision from 20/200 to 20/600. All are classified as legally blind.

Blind golfers have handicaps just like sighted players and compete against one another in both gross (total strokes, not using handicaps) and net events (includes handicaps). There are some modifications to the Rules of Golf to accommodate blind golfers. e.g. clubs can be grounded in bunkers. The role of the caddie in blind golf is very important. Guides generally align players, often place club heads directly behind the golf ball and follow the flight of the ball – hopefully straight down the fairway. The guide also ensures the player’s safety when moving about the golf course.

There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available for next summer’s events. If you are interested please contact Douma at 250-428-8715 or 250-428-1807. Email thedoumas71@gmail.com


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