Dan Clark is the new general manager of the Kimberley Nordic Club. Photo submitted

Dan Clark is the new general manager of the Kimberley Nordic Club. Photo submitted

Kimberley Nordic Trails officially open this weekend

Skiers have been out on the trails at the Kimberley Nordic Club (KNC) for weeks, but the club officially opens this Saturday December 21st. If you need to pick up your membership, Fit Certificate or day pass, the kiosk will be open from 9am – 6pm daily starting Saturday. There are many exciting developments that hint at the great ski season ahead! These include pre-season work to allow skiing with minimal snow, a parking lot expansion, hiring of the first general manager in the club’s history, and skate skiing gear for rent!

Pre-Season Work

Over many years, KNC volunteers have spent many hours spreading and raking bark mulch onto much of the trail network. This layer of mulch is great for trail levelling, covering rocks, and limiting vegetation regrowth. In the fall trails were mowed using a tractor and “bush hog” mower to make them ready for skiing.

Early in the ski season, and in low snow conditions like we currently are experiencing, the KNC relies on grooming the trails with an Arctic Cat snow machine and “Ginzu” groomer. In some conditions a roller/spreader were used as well.

Wayne Gilbert is a volunteer groomer at KNC. He is responsible for the excellent skiing conditions currently available at KNC, having done all the grooming to date. When asked about the skiing, he humbly reports, “The seasonal preparation and early season grooming with the “Ginzu” is why we are so fortunate to be able to ski on very limited amounts of snow. Having said that, it’s time for more snow!”


In cooperation with the City of Kimberley, KNC expanded their parking lot during the summer to nearly double the capacity. This will ease the stress of finding a parking spot during the busiest days at the club.

General Manager Hired

The Kimberley Nordic Club is one of the biggest in Canada and many volunteers have contributed greatly to its evolution.

Over the last year, the board has been in discussions about the need for a general manager to lead the club into the future. This week, the KNC board is excited to announce the hiring of the first general manager in the club’s history. Dan Clark has accepted this leadership position and will start immediately.

Dan has a long-term commitment to skiing in its many forms. He has been involved with KNC over the last decade as a member, coach, program coordinator, and board member. He brings vision, commitment and vast skill set to this position.

It is Dan’s goal to serve KNC by supporting the work of the board, staff and volunteers to enhance the sport of nordic skiing in our community. When asked about the role, Dan said, “It is an exciting time for KNC and I appreciate that you have entrusted me with this responsibility.” When you see Dan at the club, please say hello and tell him your favourite thing about KNC!

New Skate Gear For Rent

The club has purchased some skate gear for rent this season. An entire set of boots, skis and poles is available for $35.00 for 3 hours. This is a great deal as it includes your trail pass! This will make skate skiing more accessible to a wide range of skiers this season.

If you haven’t been up skiing yet, you will likely be surprised by the excellent conditions on offer at the Kimberley Nordic Club. See you on the trails!