Nitros to face Rockets in playoffs

Nitros will need to stay disciplined in order to be successful, says head coach Glenn Burgess.

The Rockets took a beating in the Kimberley Civic Centre on Sunday night, but Nitro head coach Glenn Burgess doesn’t expect his playoff opponents to roll over so easily when the post-season begins in a few days.

A lack of discipline sunk Golden, as the team gave up nine poweplay opportunities, including a five-minute major for a slash delivered after a Nitro goal was scored.

However, Kimberley was just as guilty when it came to occupying the sin bin, Burgess pointed out.

“One thing we will have to do, is be disciplined,” said Burgess. “Discipline is huge against these guys, because they have a deadly powerplay.”

The Nitros begin their post-season push in Golden on Thursday and Friday for the first of two games on the road. The two teams travel down to Kimberley for their third game in as many nights for Game Three, with Game Four on Monday evening. at the Civic Centre.

Nitro captain Connor Kutzner scored once and earned two assists in the final regular-season matchup between the two teams on Sunday.

“It feels pretty good.,” said Kutzner. “It’s always good to get some confidence going into a playoff series. We knew tonight was going to be a rougher game to set the tone for playoffs, but it was good to go out there, match their intensity and win the game.”

Burgess isn’t too concerned with the adversity of starting on the road, but admits the team will miss the home crowd and the larger ice surface in the Civic Centre.

“It’s not going to be easy,” said Burgess. “We start up their in their barn, and they’re good in their barn. We got a taste of it though, and that’s what this team needs.”