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PODCAST: Brent Johnson was twice named CFL’s most Outstanding Canadian

MOJ on Sports: Former B.C. Lion is a member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame

On this edition of ‘MOJ on Sports’, host Bob Marjanovich talks with Brent Johnson who played in the Canadian Football League for the B.C. Lions from 2001 to 2011.

Johnson attended Ohio State University where he played for the Buckeyes and was named to the All Big 10 Team in 2000.

He played as a defensive end for the B.C. Lions during his career in the CFL. He was a two-time CFL All-Star and won the Grey Cup championship twice during his career, retiring after winning his second Grey Cup in 2011.

‘It was intentional to leave when I left. It was my decision. It was mine and I wanted it that way. And I was ready to move on. I was never going to get an ending like we had in 2011. I would never get the rollercoaster ride that was that season. And then march that into playoffs. Into a Grey Cup in Vancouver for the only team I’ve played for, to go win it that year and to go out a champion under the lights where you called home for the last 11 years,’ said Johnson.

Throughout his career, Johnson was recognized for his outstanding performance, setting numerous records and receiving several accolades, including the Dick Suderman Trophy, awarded to the top Canadian defensive player in the CFL.

Marjanovich asked if Johnson had a tough time transitioning from a being an athlete to the business world.

‘I don’t think it’s smooth for any athlete, just because the way that you measure yourself as an athlete, and I think the feedback loop of the signs that you’re doing well, or how you are progressing are in the right place. It’s much bigger in the working world or the corporate world outside of the athletics world.’

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