Reinhart owns longest active WHL point streak

Ice captain takes over longest active run after Medicine Hat forward Curtis Valk is left off the scoresheet on Wednesday night.

On Wednesday night, Sam Reinhart from the Kootenay Ice got a goal and three assists against the Medicine Hat Tigers, which keeps up an 18-game point streak. He said is was great to have points in all those games for his confidence as well as the teams.

“The confidence is pretty good right now,” Reinhart said. “More importantly the team is winning when it really matters up into the season. So we’re playing with all our confidence right now and I’ll be looking forward to keeping it going.”

Reinhart has had 16 goals and 26 assists in the last 18 games, with one goal and three assists in Wednesday night’s game.

When asked how his results on the score sheet has translated into wins for the team, Reinhart attributed the success back to the team.

“Our top lines… we have a couple lines producing at a very good pace right now so that’s always a confidence boost for everyone else,” he said, “and our defensive line, they’re playing great for us as well. They’re chipping in every now and then and you know playing a great game against the other teams top players. So they’re very important to our success what they’re doing too.”

On the other bench, Medicine Hat Tigers Curtis Valk couldn’t keep his 18 game point streak up and said it isn’t easy coming in to play on the Kootenay Ice home turf.

“It’s always tough,” Valk said. “It’s a long road trip during the day, so coming off the bus you have to be ready to go. I think we started a little slow today compared to what we usually do at home. It’s definitely a tough road trip and they are a good team at home and it’s tough to play here.”

Valk had no points in the game, but said the 18 game point streak he’s been riding was a good one.

“It’s pretty cool I guess,” he said. “It’s better when the team is winning too, so when I can help out, it’s kind of my job to put up numbers, to score goals, so if it’s helping the team win, it’s even better. It’s a good milestone, but there are still lots of games left and I’m going to have to keep working at it.”

Valk has had 16 goals and 13 assists in the last 19 games.